Bike Rentals

Fat Bike, Hard Tails and Full suspension trail bikes are available for rent here. Contact desired location for availability! Availability Is low due to covid, Currently only renting out of Jasper. 

Reservations must be made a minimum of 24 hours before requested rental time. Reservations are not finalized until a confirmation email is received. Thank you!

  • Our Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

    Our hard tail mountain bikes consists almost entirely of Norco Fluid HT Bikes. These are designed to ride anything off pavement with the exclusion of any downhill or park riding. This bikes feature a wide tire for extra stability and traction in loose and wet conditions. The 2022 models even come equip with a dropper post! These bikes are a great way to be introduced to Mountain biking.

  • 1 Hour Rental

    $20.00 For One Hour

    Perfect for taking a tour around Jasper.

  • 3 Hour Rental

    $35.00 For 3 Hours/ Half Day

    The 3 hour rental is a great time Fram to rent and try out a trail loop close by.

  • 8 Hour Rental

    $45.00 For 8 Hours ( All Day)

    For a full day for Adventure seeking biking! These Must be returned by Closing same day.

  • 24 Hour Rental

    $55.00 For 24 Hours (Overnight)

    A full day and night of biking and fun! This rental can be picked up any time during operating hours and dropped of same time the next day.

  • Our Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

    The Norco Fluid FS is a great entry level suspension bike for riding all-mountain or trail. These bikes come in a variety of sizes from XL all the was to XS. With suspension adjustable to most riders weights this bike makes for a perfect ride. This bike rangers form 120-140 travel depending on the year. Try one of these out ASAP!

  • 1 Hour Rental

    $25.00 For One Hour

    Perfect for running around town or crushing a short loop before leaving town.

  • 3 Hour rental

    $45.00 For 3 Hours (Half Day)

    This rental gives you a great amount of time to hit up some trails before lunch!

  • 8 Hour Rental

    $55.00 For 8 Hours (All Day)

    Not sure if 3 Hours is enough? Take the all day rental for only $10.00 more dollars. Must be returned same day as pick up.

  • 24 Hour Rental

    $65.00 For 24 Hours (Overnight)

    This rental gives you an entire 24 hours to explore the trails around jasper or Hinton. Return asme time next day.

  • Our Comfort Bike Rentals

    Our comfort bike rentals are solely designed for paved trail riding, Cruising around town, maybe around the lake even! Thes bikes however are not designed for any loose train or unpaved trails.

  • 1 Hour Rental

    $12.50 For One Hour

    Take out one of our comfort bikes for a tour around jasper, it is the best way to explore town!

  • 3 Hour Rental

    $25.00 For 3 Hours (Half Day)

    3 Hours to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors on a easy going comfort bike sounds like the perfect relaxing day!

  • 8 Hour Rental

    $30.00 For 8 Hours (All Day)

    All day rentals must be returned same day as pick up. Have all day to explore and see the sights around town.

  • 24 Hour Rental

    $35.00 For 24 Hours (Overnight)

    Overnight rental give you an entire 24 hours to enjoy the bike and the community! Must be returned same time next day.

  • Our Road Bike Rentals

    The Norco Valance, Is a great road bike to try out in the amazing town of Jasper Alberta! Take this bad boy out for a high speed cruise down 16, or the parkway!

  • Rental Rates

    Rental 1 Hour: $15.00

    Rental 3 Hour: $30.00

    Rental Day (Till Close): $40.00

    Rental 24 (Overnight): $50.00

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